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Training Set Home

Training Set Home

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The AirTrack Training Set Home Edition offers a versatile set for acrobatic training at home or in the gym. AirFloor provides a springboard for essential skills. With AirBoard and AirBlock an increased jumping surface can be created for somersaults, stretches and jumps. The optional AirRoll is ideal for learning handholds, back and front handholds, core stability and strength training. The AirBoard can also be used to extend the AirFloor Home by one meter.

This set gives you unlimited workout variations. Thanks to the compact sizes you can simply choose your spot in the gym, at home or outside and start training! Durable Velcro holds layers in place to prevent movement during exercise.

These soft bouncy and close-to-the-ground pieces make gymnastics fun and safe for kids. Looking for a set that is more suitable for younger children? We also have the AirTrack Toddler Set. Create modal situations with variable heights in no time!

At AirTrack Factory we use only the best quality materials and they are expertly handcrafted. That's why we have a 5-year warranty.

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