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Toddler Set

Toddler Set

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Let children familiarize themselves with various skills in a playful and safe way in the AirTrack Toddler Set. Basic skills such as crawling, balancing, rolling, jumping and landing are developed with joy. The combination of products can be used as a set, but also separately. Quickly create methodical situations and vary with heights and settings. Because our equipment is filled with air it will teach children basic movement skills in a safe and fast way.

Learning basic movement skills in a fun way is the perfect start for kids. They can get used to different aspects of movement, jumping and landing. The set is composed and tested by the Royal Netherlands Gymnastics Federation

The various products can be used as a set or even individually. The combination of products makes a perfect set for children, due to the different heights and shapes!

Good body awareness creates a solid foundation for athletic ability. Playing sports together helps children develop social and athletic skills, giving them a head start and thus preparing them for a bright future!

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