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When filled with water and air, these training bags will increase the imbalance in every movement. Constant corrections help strengthen muscles that would otherwise be neglected. The AquaBag is available in three different sizes.

Over the years, this new way of training has not gone unnoticed. The navy seals, the British national rugby team, Ajax, the Dutch baseball team and many others started training with this equipment.

Aqua equipment offers a wide range of training options. Use it as a dynamic warm-up tool, in a training circuit, in rehabilitation and injury prevention. They bring stability to a whole new level. Exercises you can do include all the regular free weight exercises, medicine ball, sandbag training and more.

Aqua gear is made from high-quality materials and is built to take a hit or two. They can easily fall without harming you, the environment or themselves (as long as there are no sharp objects).

The AquaBag was invented by Paul Venner . Movement specialist and performance coach to some of the world's best athletes. While Paul trains at his best, his methods also reach a different audience, helping young female athletes improve their stability until they prevent seniors from falling!

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