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Air Obstacle Parkour

Air Obstacle Parkour

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AirObstacle Parkour is a soft and inflatable obstacle that can be placed on your AirTrack. It is suitable for jumps, flips and assisted walltricks.

Barriers absorb a large impact. It is sturdy enough to stand on, but when the athlete falls, it will absorb the impact. By removing the barrier of fear, athletes can stay focused on progressing their skills without having to fear hitting. AirObstacle Parkour is extremely useful for parkour beginners and freerunning tutorials.

Our mounting kit attaches the AirObstacle Parkour to the AirTrack P2, AirTrack P3 or a thick mat. If you already have an AirTrack, you can turn it into the ultimate parkour playground in minutes!

AirObstacle Parkour is suitable for most basic types of parkour. From jumps, to vaults, to somersaults or even assisted walltricks. You can set it up in endless ways, using the Obstacles upright as a jump box or on its side as a flip set-up. Get creative and find the perfect setup!
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