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AirJump Set

AirJump Set

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Ideal for gymnasiums and elementary schools. Thanks to the soft and bouncy surface, children will be able to learn new skills more easily. With strong velcro strips, all the individual parts can be placed and connected to create a soft vault box, stairs, an incline, a jump and more! Due to the lightweight and modular components, students can easily set up and customize the AirJump Set by themselves. Relax and watch your students do the work!

The AirJump Set is ideal for elementary school children. The AirTrack P2 has the perfect bounce for small children and with the jumping surface low to the ground, it is also safe for smaller children. The 20cm parts can be used to extend the AirTrack (as they are the same height). The AirBox 30 cm is used to help with jumps, flips and free running. With AirIncline you can quickly create an inclined surface for learning flips, cartwheels and flips.

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