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AirBox is an inflatable vaulting box consisting of 3 parts. It is soft to the touch and can be used separately as well as for more methodical exercises.

The AirBox 90 cm is a great alternative to the vaulting box. The AirBox 140 cm is the perfect alternative for a vaulting table or for creating all kinds of sets to be used in gymnastics, school sports, freerunning and parkour. With the mounting kit it is securely attached to the AirTrack , AirFloor or any other object. The result; an elastic and soft vaulting box that induces movement and boosts confidence.

The AirBox can be used as a methodical and inflatable domed box. When a gymnast or student hits a knee with an activity like "squat on" or "round off" over the vaulting box, their confidence takes a hit as well. In the case of the AirBox, the student can continue without feeling frustrated and will reach the goal faster. The soft and flexible AirBox will make vaulting exercises much more fun!

AirBox can be used to teach basic vaults such as kong or dash vault. High bounce and soft features lower your fear level and big tricks are guaranteed! If you're interested in more freerunning products, check out the AirTrick or the Takeoff set .

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