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Rower Rower Active Pro Toorx

Rower Rower Active Pro Toorx

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The Toorx Rower Active Pro is a complete exercise machine, suitable for medium-intensity training. It has a very innovative and attractive design with very small dimensions.

The Rower Active rowing machine has a wheel weight of 6 kg and magnetic resistance controlled by an electric motor in 16 levels. On the LCD screen you can see information about your training such as number of strokes per minute or total, heart rate, calories, time and distance.

The seat of the Rower Active Pro rowing machine moves on an aluminum rail with the help of rollers with aluminum ball bearings. This method ensures greater smoothness in movement.

The weight of the rowing machine is 19 kg and it can support users with a maximum weight of 100 kg.

After you've finished your workout, you can store the rowing machine by lifting it upright.

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